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..taken at the bethesda terrace at central park the same place and time i got this one.. the right place, graffiti looks nice.. but “tagging” this place?! that’s just downright stupid & cruel.. yep, vandals spray painted this place.. read about it here..

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Everything about this shot is fantastic…lighting, composition, lines…and a wonderful idea to “shoot the shooter” with getting the person snapping your photo in the shot. Love this one!

Yes, that was an awful shame. Unfortunately not surprising. Your shot however shows no hooligans or graffiti. This shot may be my all time favorite of yours. The composition is beautiful and fills the shot. The golden tone lends an air of real significance to the place. The leaning person is a nice part of the shot as well. Really great job Rian!

totally agree on tagging and context for great spray art (and spray art vs tagging while we’re at it 🙂 — beautiful shot. almost missed the umbrella and purple sky on top. quite nice.

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