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henry hudson

..the henry hudson bridge on the northern tip of manhattan.. there’s a boathouse there somewhere to the right.. i bet this looks great in spring.. or summer.. 🙂

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Oooo…I’m the first one here…lol…I just came from Marcie’s blog and saw your comment.

This is an exceptional capture. Love the river and that bridge is gorgeous.

Very nice. The B&W is well done. I have a shot of this from my side of the river and it’s quite colorful when the light hits it later in the day. The bridge, not my picture of it. The moveable train tressels are interesting out front as well. You’ve managed to capture this like a wilderness. I suppose you’re at Inwood Hill. I have to say very nice. A serene representation of NYC.

Great tone range Rian – I don’t understand why some want all b&w to look the same i.e. have the same contrast. A gray day is a gray day and also beautiful. One does not have to make it into a contrasty photo and lose all the nice grays. If one does a very contrasty image or an almost black image no one seems to want to “improve” it. It is usually the gray ones that some want to change which I find very odd and silly.

I appreciate the whole picture in its totality, but, notwithstanding the previous point made by daina, I really dig the foreground elements – and perhaps it *is* because of the tones and the nice sharp blacks. Regardless, a very provocative photo Rian 🙂

I couldn’t imagine it was Manhattan. The picture is well composed, the river leading us to some distant and unknown world. As I said, I couldn’t imagine it was Manhattan 🙂

got the oddest sensation looking at this. came here and just kept looking at this and thinking how much it looks like the river and bridge in Saskatoon SK (a long way from you). forgot i was even on your blog – this is a bit of a different image for you to post. i like it a lot. it’s very calm.

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