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oohs and aahs

..a pair of ladies looking up at the flatiron building..

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A great shot, this is also one of the reason I like to go back to NYC, to be able to see the Flat Iron building…..
Your image is wonderful with all the motion and lights. love it.

I guess pedestrians walking along the streets of NYC have gotten used to the street shooting…I would have to spend a long time there…sensory overload for me when shooting. I like this candid. Looks light part of the intro to SNL.

An appealing night shot of all the busy action on the street. I like the clock and the girls looking around like tourists (whether they are or not). Fine image.

this has so many great things going on in it – the movement, their expressions, the position of the clock. the part that i really like though is that you’ve left a nice amount of dark sky above the buildings and clock to balance out the busy street.

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