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green artist showcasing (and selling) her work..

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That is kind of interesting what she makes/sells, I could Picturit on on of my walls, I go for the first left one from her, underneath the window……
You did a great job in this ‘normal street scene’……..
I hope she did sell, I know what it is to be a ‘poor’ artist trying to make a living, some are better off a regular job…..;)

I guess I have a different reaction. This is outside of the Met and for me it is always sort of a shock to come from all that great stuff inside and see so much kitsch and not so good stuff outside. It certainly puts the art work outside into perspective and I wonder that they sell anything at all in that location. It probably would not look so terrible if one did not have the immediate contrast. Anyway nice shot Rian!

Really nice street shot Rian. Plus, Birch being my favorite tree, I immediately love her work. Perhaps being outside the Met catches people while they are in an art inspired mood and this is a good location. A nice shot containing pleasing mini shots.

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