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moleman series: times square II

..on a whim, here’s another one from the moleman series.. i could’ve named this the sewer rat series.. i think that sounds better.. hmm..

28 replies on “moleman series: times square II”

haha sewer rat, sounds like a new york city’s rat! I still like moleman series for some reason. this is a great treatment of times square during the day, nice work here.

Ahh.. Moleman is back. Nice. I would not approve of any name change or any spin off. The mighty mole can go anywhere he pleases including premade tunnels of sewers and subways.

I don’t even need to say that I like this. I’m glad Times Square has been visited and hope even more are done here as there is so much to see in such a small place. I’d like someone to ‘notice’ Moleman one time. Maybe a surprised or frightened look… something. You take requests, right?

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