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aqua room

..i want a bedroom just like this one..

..taken at the aquarium..

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Wow…that is something special… I think I could stay there for hours looking at the all those fishes swimming around… must be very relaxing !

awww that woman looks to be at total peace, it’s a great shot with her tininess against the great sea ­čÖé and i love that she’s centered, this is a most beautiful shot, Rian!! i’ll see you after my bloggy break *kiss kiss*

The concept of a bedroom with these walls is a spectacular idea! I like this shot very much. It looks like a wonderful place to sit and spend some time just looking at the ever changing scene.

Uf, impresionante. Me encanta la sensación de placidez que transmite. La luz es fantástica y la composición muy original y muy estudiada. Gran trabajo.

This would indeed make a great bedroom. Depends on who that woman is, though. Would she come with it? Oh… maybe you meant the walls of fishtank? That would be good, too.

Nice shot. I actually like how this woman is sitting best of all and how centered it all is. Very nice.

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