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moleman series: saint patrick’s cathedral (facade)

..what better way for a seasonal easter sunday post than this shot of the saint patrick’s cathedral a la moleman..
..amazing what a few steps and a different angle could do to change how an image looks.. the reason why i had this one tilted so high up is because of the scaffolding surrounding the cathedral, it just doesn’t look for this one, i tried covering it up with light trails which seemed to do the trick.. (i guess)

27 replies on “moleman series: saint patrick’s cathedral (facade)”

A beautiful image, Rian. I really like that tiny green starburst. I know it seems like a small thing in the whole scheme of the photo, but it’s a nice touch.

Ei Rian!:) Yup, the light trails did camouflage the scaffolding. Great job!
I finally subscribed to you RSS feed so i don’t forget checking out your site. I’m a fan e! 🙂

That scaffolding has been up for like a year now. Maybe more.
You’ve done a marvelous job disguising it. You’ve managed to capture two 5th Ave. icons in one shot with movement, interest and clarity. The quality of this is fantastic.

You make incredible images with your fisheye lens and his one is just one of them. I would be happy to play a little with your lens… just for the fun !

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