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..okay, back to bermuda.. this what your monday feels like? my advise.. go drink coffee.. lots and lots of it.. 😀

..just in front of the high cave on last friday’s post, there’s a bunker that serves as a mini-museum.. these are the narrow paths criss-crossing it.. not good if you’re a claustrophobe..

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I will do as you say, drink lots of coffee, only after looking at this wonderful picture, it does make me wonder what is at the end……so I will start walking than….

I could never make it through there. I went on a submarine in Alabama one time years ago and that’s when and where I realized I am mildly claustrophobic. Not a good time to realize it in the middle of a long line of people taking their time oooing and ahhing:-) Love this capture though. What an incredible perspective looking down the narrow passageway. To me it feels like a last walk to some sort of disaster.

This is a fascinating picture for its perspective and about the narrowest hallway I’ve ever seen. A fine place to be and shoot! You captured it very well.

Yikes! Talking about the walls closing in on you. Cool shot! I t would be fun to wait until there were people walking down the hall and then cut the light’s off. 🙂

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