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..still from 5 Pointz i see the importance of leaving a signature in your work ..this graffiti’s sig + google = more of the artist’s work..

*credit goes to the artist.. i just pressed a button.. he did all the hard work.. ;D

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Nice how you captured one artist alone. This reminded me of Skitchy’s Tiny Little Freaks video. Also nice that you linked to the artist. Went through it and he does some really cool stuff. Credit to you both.

this is cool graffiti. but i disagree about you just pushing the button – you make framing choices too and i like the bits of red you’ve choosen to include – the bars on the right add a lot to the composition and the feeling of being hemmed in. i also like that splat of red on the sidewalk. i think it contributes a lot again the slightly angry/frustrated feeling in the art work.

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