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institute of higher burnin’

5pointz.. this is how it looks like from jackson avenue.. an ever-changing canvas of urban art.. this was taken last 2007, i wonder how it looks like now..

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An amazing display of art work done under difficult conditions. With so much to see, it must be dangerous to drive by this place and concentrate on the traffic. If you happened to be talking on your cell phone you’d definitely be in trouble. A fine street scene…well shot.

Love this place and the other pics you took of it as well. Now that you’ve posed the question… let’s see what it looks like now. Nice, rich, saturated colors and nice sky. I see you’re also back on track with the titles! Nice job Rian!

Not the kind of paint job on a structure I’m used to seeing. As much as I enjoy graffiti and or murals, I prefer nicely designed and well planned painted structure more. Interesting to see how the rest of the world lives:-) I’m living in a world 20 years behind you.

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