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moleman series: st. paul’s chapel (innards)

..from here, let’s go inside..

26 replies on “moleman series: st. paul’s chapel (innards)”

Beautiful…has a red tinge to it (or I need my monitor recalibrated). oh, nm…it’s neither. It’s like from the stained glass windows. Very cool!

lol! thanks, i guess it’s from the processing.. haven’t got mine calibrated either.. i’m saving up for a calibrator or a new glass.. i guess the answer to that would be pretty obvious.. (glass) hehe..

Nice one. Moleman inside…. has this happened before??? Am I standing on the brink of history?

I like the pinkish color cast in this. I remember that same cast from some of your financial district shots and liked it then as well. You’ve captured everything iside, front to back, side to side. Great!

This is that Episcopal church near the Trade Center that got a real workout during 9/11, right?

back for a second look Rian. i meant to look at this on my work monitor but didn’t get to it today. i noticed a magenta cast on my Mac monitor at home but didn’t comment on it because i assumed it was purposeful and part of the image. i like it though because it makes me feel even more like an outside observer of this place and that seems consistent with the effect of the fisheye lens.

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