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st. george’s police station

..a long exposure shot in front of the st. george’s police station.. try doing this in front of an NYPD station, let’s see what happens to you.. 😀

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Yeah, you are right, you will be handcuffed and accuzed of spying. Just the other day i spoke with some friend on this theme, saying that we don;t understandt what is that big crime in making a picture to a police station or a public institution

Wonderful exposure…I could only imagine what’d happen doing this at an NYC police station…probably something similar to walking into an Italian restaurant on Mulberry St. saying, “I know the mob’s here and I want to meet them.” 🙂

I like the effect of the long exposure… especially the glow of the ambient light on the buildings. You’re right about trying that same exposure in the wrong place! 🙂

Very nice, clean long exposure. Light trails, great. The police station looks like it’s just there on an ordinary street. Not the towering prison-like structures we have here. Next time I’m in Bermuda, I’ll sure know my way around!

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