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..i’m not particularly keen on flowers, birds and stuff so i just post them here with weird titles in the hope that someone will be able to identify them.. i was thinking of “fuzzy wuzzies” but that was just too flowery..

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I like how the stem rises out of blur to achieve sharp focus! I never know the names of flowers and have to resort to wuzzie-like titles! 🙂 Very nice shot today.

Nicely composed, with the flower appearing to come up and out of the photo. Maybe a tad more contrast to make it stand out a bit more? Definitely and Aster, but as to what the variety??

The open aperture made for an interesting result. Wild Aster, I think. A weed here, but then again, violets and lily of the valley are also weeds. Not to mention the scourge of all weeds, the dandelion that seems to be the most photographed thing in existence! Whether with the camera or Roundup, you got it good!

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