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..i’m almost done tagging, i wish i could’ve done this earlier on.. argh..’s the brooklyn heights promenade.. best viewed supersized (click the thumbnail below)


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The enlarged view is essential to getting the full impact of this beautiful shot. Fine exposure to get the lights and the ambient light of the promenade. Fine work.

Where in Hell did this come from? This is your most fantastic shot ever! When I enlarged it, I gasped. The colors, the clarity, the fabulous compostion, the lack of noise, the great mood, the crisp lights in the building… WOW WEE!

I wish you would have entered this in the New York Photo Festival this week. Frame this one Rian. (I mean for me… as a gift! lol)

Well this shot when viewed large and in all its glory kicks butt. It is an amazing shot and should be hanging on the wall in one of those famous buildings. Really really really cool!!!!!

thanks, mike! well, i’m basically rummaging through my photos while tagging so i found this thingy here.. i was planning on entering the ny photo week competition too but held out at the last minute.. (i’m a cheapskate.. hehe..) but it seems they have a place to upload stuff (here) so i guess i’ll just try that one.. 😀

i like both versions =D. i especially like how these long exposure shots tend to blur up the people walking around, the motion feeling is so good! nice!

This photo is outstanding. I am from Brooklyn, New York, and I am totally engrossed in all of your NYC pictures. I went to school about 3 blocks from the Promenade and know it’s simple beauty. You captured that and so much more. I have been sitting in my living room for about 45 minutes just in awe of your photos. They are gorgeous. I have a great interest in photography. Unfortunatly, I have not yet gone into Manhattan to spread my wings. I don’t know why. So close, yet so far, I guess. Thank you for posting these. I’m going to continue to enjoy them now

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