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fluffy flowers

..yeah, i know.. cheesy title yet again.. i’m much too preoccupied with the lakers game to think of something catchy.. that’s as catchy as it can be..

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Hmmm… someone that is preocupied with a sporting event doesn’t say ‘Fluffy Flowers”, nor do they decide to post something pink. Perhaps you’re preoccupied with a fashion show?

OK… this is a very pretty picture. Very pink and delicate. The light coming through the tree is lovely. I tried to word it like I was watching sports for you.

Whew… that was enjoyable!

lol! i just passed by your site the same time you left a comment here.. well, i think i just focused on the flowers in the foreground and took a bracketed shot, this one here’s the +1 exposure shot hence the overexposed look.. 🙂

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