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urban soccer: regate

..i’m no expert in soccer so i’ll just call this move a crossover (just like in basketball)

..imagine if they played this at wall street while wearing suits, now that’d be cool..

*..i’ve updated the title, apparently, this move’s called a regate.. (thanks to albert) 😀

18 replies on “urban soccer: regate”

I love this people shot. Wonderful capture. It’s difficult for me to post people shots because I sometimes think that other people won’t see it in the same way. But I guess that goes for any shot really. Hmmm. Rethinking !

Really nice catch Rian. This picture is exactly what I love about New York and what I try to tell people that are wary of walking around. This is the type of street photography that means something to me and says something positive. Very nice job!

fantastic action shot! i really like the intense concentration and following on the face of the man in the green shirt – it’s as gripping as the ball and feet. the face on the banner is also great.

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