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..oops, broke the theme.. lol! i’m jumping over it to have this one instead..

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Yeah… fast theme there.

I LOVE this shot. First, it’s extremely sharp with a good amount of contrast. Second, they are having fun. You got them mid-jump and it’s a picture of a picture being taken. That could be another theme. The way you’re doing themes, you only need one more shot! LOL!!!

Wonderful Rian!

Is the woman on the right a modern version of Superman?

Great photo by the way. I’m sure this one is more interesting than the one they are actually posing for!

HEH jumping themes huh.. great action / candid shot.. picture of someone taking picture too… you got it all in this shot.. action, street… have a great weekend,

That (great) shot reminds me of Philipe Hallsman who used to shoot a lot of portraits of important people — the last thing he would ask them to do was to jump as high as they could — some sitters refused, but others showed their delight as they jumped… He published a book — The Jump Book — it’s a real gem (as is your photo).

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