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..swapping numbers on the subway stairs..

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All together, surround by millions of ads and distractions but each to his own, in their own ‘little’ world in the gadget they are holding in their hand
Nice street moment. Love the result 🙂

too common to find people these days on the streets texting on their phones, but finding them both by the subway station with a big camera on hand is rare! nicely shot.

Nice moment. You sure they’re noting each other’s number? Ahh, the F-train. That was my home line when I lived in Park Slope. Easy to miss Brooklyn/NYC when folks are dressed like this. Ask me in February though.

OK Rian… I’m starting to see a trend of girls behinds forming.
Nice pic of texting at the F train. Who says NYC is a hectic place? Looks fun and relaxing the way you portray it.

I would never have known that’s what they were doing. For some reason the McDonald’s ad caught my attention. I never noticed the way they do the word refresh. Call me silly.

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