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cyber downtown

..five image stitch panorama of downtown manhattan taken from the staten island ferry.. i could’ve had the bridges on the right too if not for the crowd of tourists on the right side..

..this template’s not suited to panoramas so click the thumbnail below for the biggie sized version..

cyber downtown (biggie)

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It takes the bigger version to get the full impact of this fine panorama. I especially like the light tones the atmosphere added to your picture. Very nice image.

Amazing capture and panoramic image Rian, especially from a Ferry. Love the clarity. and details. The Statue of Liberty really gives a feeling to the scale of this image. Excellent work!

thanks claire! the software did all the work, not me.. lol! if you have photoshop you could use the file>automate>photomerge functionality.. if you don’t have it, you can try googling hugin.. that’s a pretty cool stitching program too.. 🙂

a very creative image. it almost looks like as if the city is covered in dense smog, but i could be wrong. Hopefully it won’t have the same effect as LA lol. nice shot!

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