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..a new category has been added here called macro.. i’ve been leaning towards doing macro now because i’ve not much to shoot here nowadays especially when i can’t roam around the place a lot.. but we do have a lake here and a fair amount of trees and bushes to explore so let’s see where that’ll lead me.. far, for shooting bugs 1:1, i found it difficult to shoot in available light because of the limited DOF, so i’ve created a DIY ring light and it looks promising (i haven’t used it on this spider though, it’s just your regular flash)..’s a 100% crop of mr. spider..

mr spider

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Marvelous shot Rian and I know how difficult these little buggers can be. I also got myself a macro 1:1 lens (a cheap manual one) because I was not able to get to the city or anywhere else and I do have woods around. But found the little beasties more difficult than I anticipated and the mosquitoes at this time are horrendous.

I like the up close and personal view of this spider. Wonderful detail and color with the regular flash. A ring will probably be superior and fun to use.

thanks! 🙂 yep, golden orb weavers.. i got another one in the queue to be posted for tomorrow.. 😀 macro flash systems sure are pricey that’s why i went for DIY first.. 😀

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