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odd couple

..a not so sober couple on the train.. the girl is the hefty one on the left, and the skinny guy’s the one leaning on her arm..

..view this in mono..

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hahahahaha… your description is hysterical. I would have thought this was just a really nice pic with really warm, rich colors, if hadn’t said anything. Instead… I’m still laughing. And.. ‘train’??? What kind of train is that? It looks like one of those trolley tours. Nicely done pic and fun commentary!

I think the reality does not matter – what comes across in your image does matter. And it feels tender and kind. Not that “not so sober” could not be tender and kind, but it is not likely. And I like that they seem to be the only ones on the bus – a lovely capture.

There is a “end of the day” feeling to me, the moment for relaxing. Unless it is a very early shot, after a long night… And it’s good to share it, now that i’m relaxing looking at my favorite blogs 🙂

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