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rampart street

..i just like how the street lamps here go on and on..

..view this in mono..

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A very strong street scene. The long row of street lamps looks very good in mono too.
It causes potentially distracting items like the parking sign to be subdue. A fine picture.

The Big Easy…she never really sleeps, eh? I love the leaading lines formed by the streetlights…it’s great you have caught the shot with some of them out or off. Wonderful sky…pretty cool!

Really a fun image to view. It’s like kinda run down, but kinda not. The lamps and center divide are well maintained, but we have the neon in disrepair. I like the puddles. Classic!

Great street lights with impressive low clouds hanging over them and the parking sign with lights missing is such a contrast to the elegant lamp posts. One has a sense of being there – you have captured the mood of the place.

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