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yin yang

..during the holidays, we went for a short drive to visit santa monica.. i was looking forward to shooting the ferris wheel at night and pretty much got a bunch of shots that i’ll be posting here and on flickr later.. this was actually the last shot i took with a tripod, after which i spent the remaining time walking around until i got stopped by someone who told me that shooting with tripods isn’t allowed.. well, too late for that, eh? 🙂

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Another of those stupid rules… I wonder why so many people try to hassle photographers…
Anyway… for our visual pleasure…it is good they did not spot your tripod earlier !

weird about the tripods!! i’ve been told many a time that i can’t shoot at all, but never about a tripod, maybe it’s coz i don’t use a tripod lol.. coulda happened… i love this shot, i have never had the pleasure of shooting a ferris wheel, those are some of the best shots aren’t they? 🙂

The first time I’ve been stopped because I had a tripod with me when I was in Istanbul. Entering the Aya Sophia, the Basilica Cistern and a few places in Istanbul. I had no idea why. And since the places were rather dark, I think tripods should have been allowed there. Oh well. Anyway, this picture is interesting too. I like how the lights made a checkered design on the wheel. Interesting perspective, and that man looking up kinda completes it.

i saw your second comment about the tripod so i won’t tirade. such crap. i read an article where a photographer with a tripod got picked up by police because they thought he was doing terrorism of some kind. this shot is amazing. love the chaotic motion.

Great image. Like this one even more from your park series. The tripod issue is a very sensitive one. Here in Mexico the authorities get on my case constantly and it’s always because of security measures, not so much safety. Funny that I can take the photos, but not use a tripod. Well, at least you got to take good ones before the request to stop using it.

My favorite from this series until now (29/1). It seems we are not very long from laws restricting the use of tripod to private places 🙁 Which future for our democratic societies?

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