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pier run

..great weather for a run..

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huntington pier

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mirrored whiplash

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daphne branch

…same time and place where i shot this..

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..well, didn’t have much to shoot here on new year’s eve, so here’s some bright, cheery lights.. happy new year y’all.. looking back on 2010, i’ve created a “best of 2010” page.. check it out..

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..yep, under the pier again, hope you guys don’t get tired of these shots.. 😀

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my little world

..of all the “under the pier” shot’s i got, i liked this one the most.. and it’s not like i planned on taking it, it sorta just happened.. we were just taking a break from walking around in the sun and saw this kid running back and forth so i just waited for him to come back and *snap*..

..i’m not satisfied with this version though, that’s why i have it in mono too.. check it out and tell me how you feel about it.. 😉

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good times

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..continuing with the biloxi “beach-scapes” series i started off last week, here’s the colored version of what i had last monday..

..and a bonus..

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redneck riviera

..starting off a new series of images from the “redneck riviera”.. read about it here..

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..i still have a few more from this place, here’s one of them..

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manhattan beach

..shot during the second day of the year, under a pier on a beach in cali..

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..well whaddya know, it’s friday already.. reward yourselves with a lollipop.. you know you want to..

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whiplash’s nice to see the patterns that come up after shooting these long exposure shots.. i think i just got lucky with last tuesday’s shot.. 🙂

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yin yang

..during the holidays, we went for a short drive to visit santa monica.. i was looking forward to shooting the ferris wheel at night and pretty much got a bunch of shots that i’ll be posting here and on flickr later.. this was actually the last shot i took with a tripod, after which i spent the remaining time walking around until i got stopped by someone who told me that shooting with tripods isn’t allowed.. well, too late for that, eh? 🙂

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along the bay

..can’t go wrong with a picture perfect backdrop.. here’s a couple of cranes (is that what they’re called?) while taking a break at the pier.

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pensacola beach gulf pier friends & i jumped the border and went on a road trip to florida to get some lottery tickets.. but we first made a beeline to pensacola beach and walked around a bit.. this here’s the ‘longest & friendliest pier in the gulf of mexico’ as taken from this website.. the beach was great buuut if it has sharks..

Stretching out across the emerald green waters beyond 2 sand bars the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier has some of the most exciting fishing and sights any pier Florida has to offer. And did we forget to say, “the most friendly pier around!” The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is here for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a beginner you will be right at home on our pier. We also have everything you need to fish, bait, tackle, rental rods, coolers and carts as well as food and drinks in our new restaurant.

From our pier we see many kinds of marine life from dolphins, manatees, brown and cow rays, different types of sharks, crabs. In addition, there are many types of fish swimming around the pier as well as marine birds. Watching the activities of these species around the pier has become a favorite for some of our local schools which we host here at the pier.

*oh, and yesterday’s snow/sandman was just a discovery.. some kids probably made it.. 🙂