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whiplash’s nice to see the patterns that come up after shooting these long exposure shots.. i think i just got lucky with last tuesday’s shot.. 🙂

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This is so cool and visually rich. My wife was just talking about “some images dont have to have one central focus.” Great example. I like the wheel. I like “the tubes.” I like the starbursts. I like the ghostly thing in the middle. Wow is this one fun image. Be proud of this one Rian.

Another ‘wow’ shot Rian. Those long exposures are great in this situation and the clarity in all these pictures is amazing. Superb. Oh, and Burns night is a celebration we have in Scotland to celebrate one of Scotland’s most esteemed poets. He was a bit of a lad and enjoyed his women and drink and died about 300 years ago. Still, any excuse for a party… 🙂

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