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citycenter pano

..i didn’t get the name of that sculpture that looks like an onion..

..supersize me..

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I am REALLY liking your night shots, Rian. I know of only one other person whose shots look similar and you rank up there with him! 🙂

Do you know what I think that sculpture is?!! I’m not sure what it’s called but years ago we used to have erasers like that…erasers on a wheel with the rubbery fringe on the end to whisk the erasures away. Is there an office building nearby??

Night shots in the city, so great when they work, but so difficult to get right. There is good dynamism in this shot (some have commented they were put of balance, to us it is more a case of using lines to their best effect). Well done!

I remember having to use one of those erasers in typing class in the 8th grade. They’re worthless…like the typewriters were:-) What a great sculpture it makes though. I’d forgotten all about them until I saw your photo.

Cool shot. Really crisp. The lights are great. That’s one of those erasers I had in school. Brush on the end so you didn’t swipe your hand on the pencil marks and smear them. Memories! Very cool.

With the help of Mark~
Art at the Las Vegas City Center: work by large-scale sculptural icon Claes Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen whose “Typewriter Eraser, Scale X 1998-1999” is a 5-ton nineteen foot stainless-steel and fiberglass depiction of a red and blue typewriter eraser, sitting on a gravity defying angle with the bristles of its brush turned upwards.

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