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silver streak

..a 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak 8.. looking at this, i should’ve moved that chair.. but then, i don’t want to get yelled at.. considering how shiny these cars are, i just kept my grubby hands to myself..

The straight-8 was dubbed the Silver-Streak at Pontiac Division, but unlike its “flashy” name, it was anything but. During its 21 year run, which included America’s three year campaign in the war overseas, and right up until it being replaced by the V8, it was considered acceptable under Pontiac’s somewhat conservative management. Powered by the “eight”, a Pontiac was promoted as a likable automobile, with enough power under the hood to get the job done in affordable luxury.(wiki)

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I know what you mean about the chair, Rian, because I was in the same situation at my car show awhile back. BUT it is as it is and does not detract ME from the slick feeling of the image. They just don’t make them like this any more, do they!

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