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the standard

..well, this ends the mini airplane series.. for more just check out the flickr slideshow below..

Hamilton Standard, a famous aircraft propeller parts supplier, was formed in 1929 when United Aircraft and Transport Corporation consolidated Hamilton Aero Manufacturing and Standard Steel Propeller into the Hamilton Standard Propeller Corporation. Other members of the corporation included Boeing, United Airlines, Sikorsky and Pratt & Whitney. At the time, Hamilton was the largest manufacturer of aircraft propellers in the world. (wiki)

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Ditto to Elaine’s comment! The POV here is perfect in every way. Now you’ve got me wondering if this is the same Hamilton that makes ceiling fans?? There would definitely be a connection, right?

Your strange…. unique angle shots are always a favorite of mine. It’s probably why I like the Moleman shots so much. Do more like this. They are very attention grabbing.

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