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..on the way home, we dropped by this fort we saw before going in to the museum..

Advanced Redoubt (1845-1870)
Three heavily-armed forts guarded Pensacola harbor against invading ships. But what if enemy ground troops attacked from the direction of Bayou Grande? Rifles and cannon barrels would be bristling from loopholes and casements in these walls.
Advanced Redoubt was built to assist Fort Barrancas (700 yards south) in protecting the Navy Yard from overland assault. The four fortifications were to create an interlocking system of defense.
Although Redoubt was begun in 1845, construction dragged on for fifteen years. By mid-Civil War, the concentrated fire of rifled siege cannon rendered masonry forts obsolete. (as seen on the sign)

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I like the sharp angle of the wall; makes the shot much more impressive. Before I read the description I thought it was a prison; I’m glad you include a description so I can know what it really is! Places like this are so fascinating to visit.

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