anne rice cemetery

..too bad this was closed when we went there, but it was still a good photo op.. 🙂

Lafayette No. One is known as the “Anne Rice Cemetery” to many, because the author has set a number of scenes from both her “Mayfair Witches” and “Vampire” novels there.  When the movie “Interview With The Vampire” was filmed, the production company constructed a plywood “tomb” in an empty corner of the cemetery because a normal tomb was obviously too small to shoot Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise sitting inside it! (from cities of the dead (dot) net)

..view this in mono..

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..i’m a big anne rice fan, that’s why when i read somewhere that she started out in new orleans and had a house here, i just had to take a snap of it.. so here it is 1239 first street, there was a remax sign in the gate though.. have to view this in mono, it’s pretty funky.. 😀