Nightscape Photos things Urban

neon can see that i just like to point the cam at random stuff and shoot them..

Indoor People Urban


..taken a week ago at the casino.. i got permission to shoot this one from one of the guys in suits so, cool!

..upper left looks like elton john, upper right.. elvis?, lower left.. madonna, lower right.. mick jagger? and a pair of grannies..

Indoor Photos things Urban

game over

..+$1..$13..$0..+$1..$0..+$1..$ over..go figure.. 😉

**update 12:03 (Atlantic Time)

..that’s a rather cryptic commentary.. in short, i had a dollar, won 13, lost it all, used up another dollar, lost it again, used up another one and lost it again.. at that point, i gave up.. my 3 bucks lasted me an hour or so on these slot machines..