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game over

..+$1..$13..$0..+$1..$0..+$1..$ over..go figure.. 😉

**update 12:03 (Atlantic Time)

..that’s a rather cryptic commentary.. in short, i had a dollar, won 13, lost it all, used up another dollar, lost it again, used up another one and lost it again.. at that point, i gave up.. my 3 bucks lasted me an hour or so on these slot machines..

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I can never understand people sitting on these machines losing their money. If you need some passive entertainment, look at a TV screen, it will be a lot more entertaining and will be infinitely cheaper.

lol once i asked my husband for $20 to play the slots, and he gave it to me, i lost it in about a minute flat, i asked for more, he said ‘no’ which was probably the best thing he could have done for me lol nice shot my friend

Cool colorful shot and nicely composed. As others here I dont get these machines either, give me a black jack or poker table and I might try it till the money is gone 😉 At least the chances are slightly better there. 🙂

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