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..taken a week ago at the casino.. i got permission to shoot this one from one of the guys in suits so, cool!

..upper left looks like elton john, upper right.. elvis?, lower left.. madonna, lower right.. mick jagger? and a pair of grannies..

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Love this shot. There’s both balance and tension. The art on the wall, the older woman to one side, younger to the other…so many levels of meaning. Great job!

I think you got the music picks right…I’m surprised you were able to get this shot and not interrupted by a couple of Guidos who wanted to introduce you to a new pair of “slippas” and the Hudson River… 😛

Option one, buy a TV, pay for cable and then just sit in a chair in your undies and be entertained by the tube. Option 2, dress up go to the gaming bar, keep putting money in a tube and be entertained and disappointed and broke. Why the hell people don’t pick option 1

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