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downtown atlanta

..woke up a bit early to get this scene..

..supersize me..

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bye bye bama

…well, that’s all folks, bye bye Bama.. 🙂 i’ll be heading west via I-10, any photo tips?

*this is a bandwidth heavy post, that’s one huge supersized image below, and that vid’s pretty big too.. enjoy.. 🙂

Bye Bye Bama from Digitized Chaos on Vimeo.

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5 pointz simpsons

..a tribute to the simpsons.. 🙂 best viewed supersized..

simpsons pano

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West Side

Awhile back I mentioned something about Weehawken people having a spectacular view of the city.. well, here it is. Imagine having to wake up to this scenery.

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Hah-vahd Yahd

Mulling over last weekend’s seemingly spontaneous meanderings around Philly, this weekend was a little bit premeditated.. I even bought a travel book! A travel book about Boston! (New York’s rival lol). I even went to Harvard! 🙂
This is Harvard Yard. Supposedly pronounced by locals as “Hahvahd Yahd”. Oddly enough, I haven’t met anyone who spoke like that. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image of Harvard Yard. Also check out the route I took around Boston, care of

(L)eft – Harvard Hall

White Spire – Memorial Church

(C)enter – University Hall

(R)ight – Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Yard

Boston Route

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Manhattan Pano

I again recently got to test how steady my grip was. A single shot just wouldn’t cut it so I just stitched 4-5 not-so-sharp exposures in a pano to minimize the blur. 🙂

  • Shot hand held on the “Rock” with only the ledge to steady my grip. (I guess tripods aren’t allowed, except for the “official photographer” who’ll sell you a shot for a not so reasonable price.)
  • Freezing winds buffeted my gloveless hands.
  • The widest I could go was 3.5