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bye bye bama

…well, that’s all folks, bye bye Bama.. 🙂 i’ll be heading west via I-10, any photo tips?

*this is a bandwidth heavy post, that’s one huge supersized image below, and that vid’s pretty big too.. enjoy.. 🙂

Bye Bye Bama from Digitized Chaos on Vimeo.

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what’s west of alabama? i wish i knew my geography better. louisiana? you don’t want to go there, oily cajun shrimp and all. so texas, new mexico, arizona… you might as well continue until you hit california. you’re gonna love it. um… if you can get a job. unemployment is still over 10%, probably 18% if you count the people who have given up, or who work at crap part-time jobs to get by until the economy gets better. oh, and bring shorts. you won’t need coveralls in california.

Will you get as far as Texas?
How about Brazos Bend State Park? It is one of our favorite spots and plenty of birds and alligators.
If you like shooting malls, Houston has a lot to offer.
San Antonio Missions are wotrt a visit as well

Safe travels.

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