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trinity totem

..a graveyard headstone (or sculpture?) for four people (Jesse Isaac Enoch, David Jacob Noah, ?, ?) that looks like a totem pole..

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down the beaten path

..i remember sitting down by that bench for 30+ minutes.. can’t remember why though..

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..i’ve showed in the previous posts what the exterior of Trinity Church looks like, now let’s delve deeper.. as deep as where Nicholas Cage went (and possibly afford a Ferrari when i surface the catacombs).. lol.. yep, this is the Trinity Church as referenced by the movie National Treasure.. i poked around and couldn’t find an entrance to the treasure trove.. don’t tell me it ain’t true.. *shock*

..on a sidenote, turns out, letterman’s still funny. hehe..

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emptier still

..going for that empty, desolate, urban look in a bustling city like manhattan?

..shoot in the wee hours of winter..

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haunting the chapel

..third part of the finance district series that’ll end whenever i deem it mundane..

..still haunting the same place from the previous two posts..

..technically, this isn’t a chapel but i got this title from Slayer

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..and while i’m at it, why not do a series on the financial district?’s a massive tombstone(?) at the trinity church cemetery

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Ash Wednesday

A woman approached me this morning while getting off the bus and asked me what was the purpose of the black smudge on my forehead. So, the indoctrination from my catholic school education kicked into gear and I explained to her briefly what Ash Wednesday was. Her puzzled expression eventually cleared up and she told me, “Oh, I thought it was some Pakistani ritual or something like that..”

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