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emptier still

..going for that empty, desolate, urban look in a bustling city like manhattan?

..shoot in the wee hours of winter..

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Well done again with the fisheye Rian! Thanks for complimenting on my way of going out on rainy days. Because it rarely rains here, I just had to catch a shot at that moment.

What a great color choice. I’ve not seen anything like this before. It looks like everything was coated with an iron oxide dust or something. (I don’t actually know if that’s what iron oxide dust looks like, but that’s the feeling!). I also like the angle and the curve. Again, seeming to be toward the church, which makes it extra interesting.

Nice photograph. I really like the depth and color it has. I went on a cruise of NY Harbor last year, and I remember seeing a church very briefly between buildings as I passed by in the boat. I wonder if this was the church. looks kind of like it.

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