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haunting the chapel

..third part of the finance district series that’ll end whenever i deem it mundane..

..still haunting the same place from the previous two posts..

..technically, this isn’t a chapel but i got this title from Slayer

16 replies on “haunting the chapel”

very strange place for a graveyard.. unless it’s all the stockbroker jumpers, morbid thought… there’s those caring buildings again… i like the sepia, looks sad and lonely

I love this shot. First the beautiful tones you gave it. Second because the Graveyard and the ASE being in the same shot is fantastic and an editorial hoot! Third, the lens curve makes the buildings almost look like they are protecting the cemetery.

It is the kind os shot that makes you want to know more about the place and setting. It makes your mind ask a lot of questions like why such a small graveyard, why in front of Stock Exchange.

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