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stinky book

..i guess this book stinks..

People Photos series street Urban urban soccer

urban soccer: 1 on 1

..seeing that soccer is not among the top sports played in north america (i just googled it), i guess it’s wise to bring the game to the crowd for them to appreciate it..

..moving on, i posted a link a few days ago about “participating” in the NYPH (NY Photo Festival) 2009.. well, i got an email a while ago and one of my images were shown via slideshow and they took a picture of it and sent it to me.. yay! (you’ll have to excuse me, i get pleased easily.. ;D )


People Photos series street Urban urban soccer

urban soccer: regate

..i’m no expert in soccer so i’ll just call this move a crossover (just like in basketball)

..imagine if they played this at wall street while wearing suits, now that’d be cool..

*..i’ve updated the title, apparently, this move’s called a regate.. (thanks to albert) 😀

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..a couple waiting for a cab.. or the stop light to go green.. i can’t remember.. 🙂

*the page doesn’t seem to open up with internet explorer, i’ll try fixing this on the weekend.. in the meantime, this is a sign for you guys out there to jump ship and use mozilla/chrome already.. haha..

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running man

..running man.. that’s a dance move, right?

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moleman series: time warner center

..ah, monday.. wouldn’t it be nice if you were at the mall now? 🙂

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moleman series: columbus circle (night)

..very much like Grover saying.. “this is near, this is far.. this is near, this is far”.. now, listen to the Moleman say to you “this is night, this is day.. this is night, this is day the title says, this is the night shot of the day shot i posted awhile back.. makes sense? good..

..*spoiler alert* i wouldn’t click those last links if i were you.. they’re just the same links as the ones before them.. 😀

Architecture Fisheye moleman series Photos series Urban

moleman series: columbus circle

..and it’s monday again, i’m pretty much recharged, slept most of the time this weekend, i’m raring to go..go back to work, that is.. 🙂’s another from this fishy series, shot from the 59th Street subway exit, underneath the Trump International Hotel & Tower’s Globe.. and that’s the Time Warner Center up the stairs..

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..tricycle pedicab drivers waiting for customers around Columbus circle..

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Time Warner

What do you do when you get out at the office at 6PM & notice that the sun is still high up in the sky. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?! Exactly.. SHOOT some stuff!!