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moleman series: itt building

..the first fisheye photo i’ve seen that impressed me most was a shot of this place.. ever since then, i’ve also wanted to shoot it with a fisheye, but i just can’t remember where it was.. turns out, it was close by one of my photo haunts.. on broad & south william street (financial district).. so here it is..

..the international telephone and telegraph (itt) building, a 35-story, 433-foot high tower, was built by buchman & kahn for garment district developer abraham lefcourt as the lefcourt exchange building in 1928. it was almost immedately bought out by itt, who commissioned louis s. weeks to add an addition that dominated the entire block. the southwestern entrance has a mosaic dome depicting commerce uniting the hemispheres with electricity..

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ITT! There was a time when Fela sang about that company. And it was violent, it was about murders and plots and coups d’état… Difficult for me to associate such a beautiful building to the company’s turmoils. Let’s say you made a great shot πŸ™‚

I really like this fish eye image. The division between the beautiful interior of the itt building and the outside view of the city towers is a very creative composition. Excellent exposure balance between inside and out as well.

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