in memoriam

..the phrase i used yesterday-“photo haunt”-reminded me of one of my photo walks (alone).. in the calvary cemetery in queens.. hehe.. memoriam a.h.h. is a long poem by the english poet alfred, lord tennyson, completed in 1849. it is a requiem for the poet’s cambridge friend arthur henry hallam, who died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage in vienna in 1833, but it is also much more. written over a period of 17 years, it can be seen as reflective of victorian society at the time, and the poem discusses many of the issues that were beginning to be questioned. it is the work in which tennyson reaches his highest musical peaks and his poetic experience comes full circle. it is regarded as one of the greatest poems of the 19th century..

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

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Tis better to not have had that Red Bull
Than stay awake at nights like an Owl

erm.. Tennyson just inspired me there. love that moon on the spotless sky.. adds so much to the photo. nice one.

I love the words at the end…….I totally agree, only few might have had that experience…..having known true love…even for a short while…and die….
at least one dies ‘happily’
Great picture again that moon adds an extra to it.

I can only reiterate my fellow commentators words, a superb photograph and perspective. The moon placement is brilliant, and the lighting, perfect.

Have a terrific weekend

Really nicely done on the capture…love the juxtaposition of the moon vs. the statue waning eloquence. Yes…I also remember the poem from the many hours of Lit in college.

Just want to add to the rest of the comments that I love the way the shape of the moon is repeated in the base of the statue – In real life everything wanes but the statue and the shapes on don’t change (at least not for a long time)

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