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..oh snap, this looks like crap..taken months back from some swamp in philly..if i were a kid, i’d jump right in and explore this place..but since i’m not, i did the next best thing..took a picture and played around with it until it looked funky enough to post..scribbles & scratches from nature..

..finally started on getting that portfolio part built, this weekend’s gonna be edit, edit, edit..

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I still jump right in and explore where trees are concerned… ha ha makes for great looks from passers by!

I love this most inviting perspective, asking me to clamber aboard and throw caution to the wind.

You know it’s hard to find places like these sometimes. The title “scribbles” reminds me just jotting down whatever you can think of at the moment, sort of like brainstorming. This image is symbolic for that. Love how you composed it, nicely done!

Scribbles? I guess you wrote something better than scribbles, there 🙂 The is a structure that appears in your composition and that sustained it. Nice work!

This shot has a fine dynamic feel. The huge inter-related trunks hold the shot together from being just a shot of limbs and brush. It seems quite effective to me.

ah, the tree chaos 🙂 i’ve always been drawn to those kinds of areas, for similar reasons, never got a photo i really liked out of it. always too much going in (ironically that’s generally what attracted me to it in the first place)

It seems this was taken under rather harsh midday lighting which is very challenging indeed. Especially for a subject like this. I do like the chaotic entangled mass of branches here.

Impressive image with a great level of detail, but I think it’s somewhat confusing because it has too much information. But this is only my poor opinion.

I like it! I like seeing a jumble of stuff well done. There is too little of that and perhaps too much minimal stuff. But then the minimal stuff is easier to do and to make something that is chaotic hold together much harder. If I were one to set goals I just might try doing chaotic stuff for a while to see what could be done with a variety of it.

agree with daina – this type of image is hard to do. you’ve done a good job here – especially with the processing. also like her idea of doing chaotic stuff for a while.

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