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moleman series: rockefeller center (reprise)

..i’ve been looking at Peter Lik’s site and got curious about film.. since i haven’t the time & resources to try it out, i went for the next best thing.. since i’ve had my grubby hands on a “film” plug-in that i haven’t tried out yet, i decided to play around with it on my “digital darkroom”.. two-strip(ped) or two-color(ed) and GAF 500.. i wasn’t able to gather any info as to what GAF 500 is, but i like how it turned out.. 😀

..taken in Rockefeller Center, closer to the GE building, there’s the skating rink down south..

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I’ve seen the Rockefeller Center and the skating rink on The Today Show for years and always wanted to see it in person. I’m sure that sounds corny to many people (I don’t get out much…lol), but seriously, I’d love to see NYC and particularly this area. Love your capture. The colors are incredible. I saw it last night and you had the comments disabled. I was so disappointed. Glad you opened them:-)

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