abstract Black n White Landscape Photos


..a botched effort forced me to post this one instead.. looks like a river delta (minus the river) when viewed from an airplane.. well, that’s how it seemed to me.. it’s still from alabama, but nothing to give you the “big picture” of what it’s like out here.. maybe some other time.. 🙂

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Still very cool lighting…I like the b + w processing. Delta…great name. Every time I hear it, I think about the blues. Now I have Robert Johnson playing in my noggin’.

I just looked over your page of posts on vfxy and decided you are one of my favorites so I checking the gold star and selecting one of your prints for my vfxy collection today.
You do fine work and maintain a very high quality. Congrats!

I like the black and white here, and the lines really keep things interesting.

I always loved to pour water in the sand and watch how it formed little rivers and then, afterward, empty river beds. Great geology lesson. 🙂

Excellent textures and detail. The light plays off the sand so well, in such a subtle fashion. If I let my imagination run away with me (as it often does) I see these long scratching marks as being from the beast we all fear to dream of at night.

lol! thanks don.. 

and just so y’all know, i’ve added y’all in my vfxy, and what nots already.. 😀 (see the southern twang?) hehe..

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