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polaris’s the story about the botched job that i was talking about yesterday.. just got bored and tried shooting stars last night, after seeing the first long exposure (5 mins), polaris was right smack in the middle of the frame! whee!! so i tried tweaking the settings and did a 50 minute exposure.. that didn’t turn out too well, in fact, it sucked (because of light pollution) so i decided to try plan B tonight.. after two tries, here’s what 184 exposures looks like in 82 minutes.. overkill? i think not, i was gunning for 400 shots, but my battery gave out.. i know the foreground’s not interesting but, heck, it’s 47 degrees outside, i didn’t wanna risk having my already inflamed sinuses out in that kind of climate.. but i admit, shooting star trails is fun!! 😀

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that’s sweet. perfect composition and i’ll have to try that technique. i’ve never really thought of that. i’ve seen some similar technique used by sam on ddoi but didn’t think of it for capturing stars like that. super cool!

That’s amazing Rian. I was just today reading an article on shooting star trails! You’ve done a great job. Having a foreground is great so you know what you’re looking at, but too jazzy a foreground would have detracted from the real subject. Astounding. Always something crazy interesting here. Hopefully, you’ll do more.

Fantastic! I’m jealous, too. I’ve long wanted to take pictures of star trails but have never actually done it. As for the foreground, I think it’s great. The colors of the trees really add interest.

Can’t speak to all the technical difficulties/botched attempts you mention, but I really like this. The foreground makes this even more interesting as though the trees in front were on a different plane from stars above.

Very, very cool and so nicely composed. I like the spinning effect of the stars and the colors of the night sky. Interesting and unique image, nicely done. You’ll have to share how you overlap the images to create 1 single image.

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