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exit strategy

..according to the news.. venus, mars & the moon would be visible in the sky this evening (12/01/08).. too bad i missed it.. but looks like tomorrow’s (12/02/08) showing some promise..

December 1, 2008
Two brilliant planets line up to the lower right of the crescent Moon this evening. The brighter of the two, and the closest to the Moon, is Venus. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is a little to the right of Venus.

December 2, 2008
Venus and Jupiter line up side by side early this evening, low in the southwest. Venus is the brighter of the two, with Jupiter to its right. The crescent Moon is a fair distance to their upper left.

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Nicely composed shot….I like the repetition of the green columns. Yeah, I heard Venus, Mars, and Moon anticipated alignment announcement on the radio but sadly was still on the commute home when it was supposed to happen. Hopefully, today will be different.

This is an attractive platform with its green columns. Nice shot. The weather precluded me seeing anything but fog and clouds. No prospects for tonight either. 🙁

This is a cool shot..there are lots of interesting things, the shadows off the columns, what appears to be a decaying ceiling, the light tan and the green contrast all make this a great photo.

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