..well, i guess i was lucky.. 🙂 if i heard about this earlier, i might’ve been able to catch them forming a smiley face too.. oh well, since this won’t happen until 2044, i’m content.. and because tee shirt & jogging pants don’t go well in 35+ degrees i also didn’t bother taking better shots.. hehe..

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I’m one of those useless specimens who just can’t see the plough, the great bear, the pan handle etc…. people point and say WOW, and I just look ha ha. But this, I can see….


same here.. i’m one of those persons who can’t identify stuff like that.. i only see the sun, moon & stars.. THIS is one of those things that are hard to miss.. 🙂

Oh great. I probably should have looked outside last night. When I went to work at 5 this AM I saw the two dots in the lower part of your image, and was trying to figure out which planets they were. Good capture here Rian. The blue tones are held very well. Good work.

I need to study this a bit more, Rian, because every time I look up and see those two bright lights against the new moon, I keep asking, “What are they!!!”

Amazing! You know, I heard about this in the news but when I went out it was totally foggy outside. I’m really bummed I miss this. But what a great shot. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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