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kids at work

..there was a family shoot going on under the pier, here are some kids taking a break while their parents pose for the camera.. the view from up there was awesome, however, there weren’t any interesting subjects to shoot.. maybe on summer.. 😉

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A wonderful aeriel perspective. Great lighting too giving the mix of sunlight and shadow play. We still do this type of sand doodling whenever we hit the beaches, even at our advanced ages! Ha ha

I guess once a kid…..

Great photograph

Really love the angle and view from this shot. Interesting sand or dirt or whatever it is, yet it appears to be rather clean. The tones and the patterns are very captivating, plus the carefree mood of children playing. Excellent composition.

Actually, there WAS something interesting going on. I really like this shot. Especially the color and pattern of the sand. If I were their parent, I would have loved to have this shot. (well, minus a strange man with a camera stalking my children and all). Lovely work Rian.

I could play for hours in the sand like this, Rian. Even in high school I would make roads and tracks and drive the Matchbox cars around. What’s THAT all about??

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