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gazing upwards

..shot at the corner of dauphin street and royal street..

..planned on shooting some local street life in what i guessed was the busiest street in downtown (dauphin) but ended up with nothing.. they were all in the mall shopping.. my timing was off, so i let my eyes gaze upwards like they always do..

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OK… now you’re just rubbing those clouds in my face. Put the coffee on. I’m coming down!

Beautiful shot Rian. In this one, the red brick really sets off the blue sky and clouds, (that this time also found their way into the windows to further taunt me). You really do like the upward shot. I’m surprised you didn’t name it as a new series. ack… now you will.

Crystal clear… feels like you could step out into this one Rian. I seem to be drawn to this type of shot where the viewer is drawn upward into the sky. Good stuff!

This certainly is a very interesting-looking structure. The angle you applied here is superb. I’d have to agree with Michael Paulison that you can have an “upward angle” series too =D

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