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moleman series: times square

..the times square ball will be dropped down the same time tomorrow as i post this image now.. referencing a clock face, it’ll be at the building located at six o’ clock.. the One Times Square Building.. and the stage where the performers would be is where i stood while taking this shot.. dunno if we’ll be standing there freezing our asses off / watching fireworks somewhere / boozing at a bar / wolfing foodies / sleeping soundly.. i just wish everyone out there a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 😀

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I remember going to NYC when I was 15. Times square was the spot i wanted to go most since you know… TRL @ MTV Studios LOL. Those were my teenybopper days haha… I would love to go back…. someday. Excellent night shot of one of the most famous spots in the world! And a Happy New Year to you too bro!

I hope I don’t see the world this way when I open my eyes in the AM after New Year’s celebrations this evening…especially because I’ll have to really explain why woke up in Times Square when I live in Dallas…:) Nice shot!

so much neon. this is how i picture manhattan and tokyo having not yet been to either. more so than your calm pictures of brick and trees i picture night and neon 🙂

Well, this is colorful and you’ve managed to squeeze in every billboard and marquis in Times Square!! I must say, I’m still not perfectly sure how you even do this exactly. Wonderful year-end finale Rian. Happy New Year!

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